Cheap Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Cheap Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats – According to the breed of your pet, the age of your pet and the coverage level of insurance, the pet insurance plans differ. Annually comprehensive insurance will cost you 100s of dollars, and it may cost $25 for cats and $45 for dogs on average. You can select an insurance policy which covers only accident benefits which is a cheap plan. You can also choose both accident and illness insurance policy plan which has a financial coverage which is minimal.

Cheapest Pet Insurance Plans with Comprehensive Coverage

An insurance cost comparison has been done for both the cats and the dogs which comprises of a plan with $500 deductible, $5,000 annual maximum and a reimbursement of 80%. And in both the cases of dogs and cats, the pet insurance company which ranked as the most affordable one is Embrace and Figo.

It is also recommended that you think about Healthy Paws as they offer coverage for pet health insurance which is limitless for both the accidents and also illness, in which you should be ready to pay for the routine car from your pocket.

Compared to that of the dogs, the pet insurance which ranked the most affordable one for cats is the Pets Best pet insurance company. The least affordable one which provides a comprehensive coverage which is excellent one is the Trupanion pet insurance company.

When you select a pet insurance policy you should keep in mind about the affordability and should know that it is important. You should read the fine print of the contract and should know which illness is covered in the plan and what all conditions are excluded from the plan.  In case if your pet has a sickness which is pre-existing, then your pet may become ineligible for any treatment.

You should also be able to analyze the benefits of the insurance plan. There are many companies which comprise of one like- Nationwide offers annual maximums which are high but assign the maximum total across many several conditions which come near about a hundred. You could be provided with less than $245 coverage with a plan of $14,000 which will be the annual benefit for some diseases like that of a heart attack. So, it is always better to compare insurance plans and also check the affordability balance with coverage quality.

Cheapest Accident-Only Plans for Pets

The pet insurance plan which only covers the accidents for both the dogs and the cats are one of the pet insurance is cheap. Both injuries and sickness is covered by the comprehensive plans, the plan which provides complete reimbursement for injuries is the accident-only plan. Only those who are major pet insurance companies will provide it and it will also have fewer expenses than half of the cost of the accident and sickness plans.

From amongst the top pet insurance companies here are 3 which offer accident-only plans and this will help you to better understand the cost of Pet insurance plan. The quote is for a dog i.e. Labrador 4-year-old and the quote is for the cat also, i.e. female cat 4-year-old- $15,000 annual limit 80% reimbursement level and $250 deductible. You should always remember that the insurance for the dog is more costly than that of the cat. And what’s more costly is to insure the pets who are old. Young puppies and kittens are less costly to insure with.

Accident’s only plan is the cheap plan which is important to note and they have coverage that is less than the injury and sickness plans which are comprehensive. If your pooch/kitty has a serious sickness which is not connected with any accident, then there will be no coverage for provided to you for that treatment. And such plans are the best for you if you have a pooch/kitty that is prone to getting injured and it is also possible that you can pay the bills which are huge without reimbursement.

Cheapest Pet Insurance Plans with Wellness

Reimbursement is provided by the pet insurance wellness coverage for things that comprise of the following – grooming, check-ups, routine check up and preventive care. And the plans for accidents and illness have no such coverage that is why policyholders are encouraged to buy a wellness endorsement. Many of the pet insurance company providing the wellness coverage will have a monthly rate which is fixed along with your monthly premiums which exist already.

It is also pivotal to look at the cost of wellness coverage and see for the complete plan as the rank of the base coverage varies from insurance companies to companies. One pet insurance company can offer a cheap wellness endorsement but their plan will not cover many types of sickness and accidents. So, you should be careful and read the fine print of the policy before you choose to purchase the insurance plans.

How to Find Cheap Pet Insurance

To secure the cheapest pet health insurance, you should select a level of coverage that comes with a low monthly premium. All insurance companies will charge you less per month if you select a plan that has a higher deductible, lower reimbursement level, and lower annual maximum. Per accident or sickness, you will get little money, but you will pay to the insurance company on a monthly basis a less amount. Your monthly premiums will be affected by your deductible, reimbursement level and annual maximum and to see how it all gets affected, you should do the comparison of the plans and also included in the comparison should be the coverage of different levels. Remember that dog insurance is more costly than cat insurance.

Cheapest Breeds to Insure Pet 

In the case of dogs, the breeds that are huge are more expensive to insure as they develop easily more problems of bones and joints due to their heavyweight and size. This is one of the main reasons as to why the many pet insurance companies and their plans will exclude the coverage for diseases of the joints like hip dysplasia this occurs in the breed of dogs that are larger.

From amongst many of the pet insurance companies the animal which is cheap to insure as compared to the dogs are the cats. This is because the dogs have a lifestyle which is very active so there are chances of higher risk for any kind of accidents and injury. But in the case of cats, they are inactive and spend indoors most of their time. So, they have less chances of getting hurt or injured. But there are also certain key variations in health among the cats and it leads to insurance cost for a certain breed which is high. These variations occur mainly due to practices of breeding. For instance, the Tonkinese cat has an insurance cost which is low and the reason is that it has created an immune system which is strong because of careful years of practice of breeding.


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