Cheapest Pet Insurance for Cats : How Does It Work?

Pet Insurance for Cats: How Does It Work? We often seek for solution for our queries i.e Is Insurance for cat worth?, What does the insurance policy cover in Cat Insurance, does pet insurance cover conjunctivitis, What are the pet insurance for cats with pre-existing conditions, What is the best pet insurance for cats in california. Many times it happens that your cat/kitty can meet with an accident or become ill and need treatment. So, pet insurance is one of the best ways to protect your Pets. For eligible medical procedures, a policyholder can be fully or partially reimbursed for around $25 a month. One of the best times when you can ensure your cat is when they are going healthy and young. There are many benefits of the insurance which the older cat doesn’t get especially if they have issues related to health conditions that pre-exist. And these are excluded from the insurance coverage.

How Cat Insurance Coverage Works

Regular healthcare and pet health insurance’s payment structure is somewhat similar. Now you (policyholder) can select their choice of reimbursement level which is deductible along with the annual maximum with maximum insurance coverage which will lead to monthly premiums which will be high. Pet insurance is not like other regular healthcare, it requires you to do the upfront payment of your bills and later on, you can claim reimbursement by filing for it. So, it will mean that you will have to pay the money for the full bill out of your pocket in the beginning. Here are the main terms. They are as follows –

Avg. Monthly Premium For Cat Insurance

It is the money which you have to pay to the insurer on monthly basis coverage. It completely depends upon your plan and it will range from a lower amount i.e. $10 to a higher amount i.e. $100.

Annual/Incident Deductible 

It is the dollar amount which you have to pay on an annual basis for a particular treatment prior to what your insurance company pays. The options for this also range from low to high i.e. $0 to $1000 along with deductibles which are low leading to monthly premiums which are high.

Reimbursement Level

It can also be called as the medical bill percentage which your insurer will pay to you after you have your deductibles paid.

Annual Maximum     

It is something that towards the eligible medical bills each year which is paid by your insurer. And it is the maximum amount. It will range up to $15000 maximum. Incident and lifetime max plans are also obtainable but it is less common in an increasing number.

When choosing your coverage level don’t forget about the total cost of insurance; it is very important. For example, you can get cheapest pet insurance for cats with pre existing conditions by high deductible, low annual max, and low reimbursement level, but along with this, you will also get the slightest benefit in finances when you actually need to be reimbursed for treatment. On the other hand, the all-inclusive plan of insurance will reimburse your eligible treatment for cats very heavily, but it will not be worth the reimbursement benefit i.e. the monthly costs.

You should have an idea as to how these three work together i.e. the deductible, reimbursement level, and the annual max. Here are some of the sample quotes and comparisons from, ‘A’ class insurer. There is a comparison of different plans on reimbursement of a $7000 radiation therapy for a pet cat that is metastasized of cancer. How much can you pay each month is something which you have to decide by choosing your coverage level  And you will also have to see how it will affect your savings if your cat diagnosed with cancer needs expensive procedure i.e. the radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In order to reduce the cost of expensive treatments and procedures is the pivotal purpose of insuring your cat. And whether you insure or not, the final cause would be that you will finally pay something for your cat’s medical bills and others. That is why for large costs it is important that you choose a deductible, reimbursement level, and annual max insurance coverage.

How Much Does Cat Insurance Cost?

Cat insurance cost on a monthly basis will range from low to high i.e. from $10 to $80. Plans which are cheaper will comprise of accident benefits and covers only injuries known as the, ‘accident only plans’. The range from $10 to $20 on a monthly basis is okay for owners who have cats that are prone to accidents, especially if the cats are outdoors most of the time. There is also a comprehensive insurance plan which is available which covers both the illness as well as accidents and it will cost somewhere around $20 to $40 on a monthly basis. This plan covers everything like cancer, illness, accidents, wounds, etc. There is one thing which you should remember i.e. if the cat has had a previous ailment, and then the new sickness will not be applicable in the insurance plan if they are indirectly related to each other.

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Cat Insurance Costs by Age

Older cats insuring cost is high, whereas the younger cats insuring cost is low. And the reason is that the young ones will have slight health problems, but the older and bigger cats have many problems and are more prone to injury and likely to get diseases. In most of the insurance plans, the premiums per month which you will pay will rise with the aging of your cat. Check out how age will affect the costs, there is a plan that has a deductible of $250 with the reimbursement level which is 80% and an annual maximum which is $5,000.

A 15 years old cat will have 3.7x more the cost of insuring than a kitty which is simply a year old. The monthly cost is $30 for the cat of our sample up to the age of 6 and with each year the cost will grow by a few more dollars.

What’s Included and Excluded From Cat Insurance

The eligibility for the coverage will include injuries and illness of your cat but it will only last till the time it is not linked with any previously existing or some kind of hereditary conditions. To get cat insurance plans, this is one of the major omission as there is no such insurance company which will cover the pre-existing conditions, even in the regular health insurance. In normal insurance plans for your kitty also doesn’t cover the general pieces of stuff which comprises of grooming, dental checkup, and routine check-up. You will get many other kinds of policies which will cover the good and also expenses of dental check-up for which you have to pay more but getting such added insurance benefit is not a wise decision in economic terms.

Included in the coverage For Your Cat

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Injuries

Excluded from Coverage For Your Cat

  • Routine check-up
  • Preventive care
  • Grooming
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Hereditary diseases/conditions

The omission of pre-existing conditions can remove a lot of sickness from the applicability if your kitty has a history of illness. For example, there are many insurance companies in which kidney; heart/high blood pressure issues will not be covered perchance your kitty has been found with hyperthyroidism prior to you buying the policy. And if your kitty is found with any kind of cancer, then much insurance company will not even cover them. Therefore, carefully reading and going through a policy is very important to find out the health situations in which your cat was previously and get to know what future health situations will be inclusive and exclusive.

Costs of Cats by Breed and Age

The cost of getting a cat will vary on the basis of many things which comprise of the adoption, age, and breed of the kitty. The fee for adoption will be somewhere around $50 to $200. For kittens, the price range is even higher. For cats which are over 3 years old, there are no adoption fees apply.

The cost of the kitty will range depending on the factors like the color, pedigree, high priced kittens, and show the quality of the pre breeds, etc. from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. Ragdolls are one of the purest breeds and most popular cats which will cost around $1000.

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Insurance Rates by Breed For Cat

Between many cat breeds, the insurance costs vary by 50%. Ensuring the expensive breeds of kitty is the one which is active kitty and such kitties have the risk of having conditions of genetic nature. For example, the Abyssinian kitty; it is one of the most costly ones to do insurance of such a kitty because it is mostly the kind which is active and has the risk of growing diseases such as dental, problems of knees, problems with eyes or even failure of the kidney. And the breeds of the cats which are healthy are the ones that are cheap to do the insurance with. For example, the Tonkinese breed is one such which has low-cost insurance because it has genes which are healthy and an immune system which is strong.

You must know the cost of insurance of the most popular breeds of cats; here are the quotes from 10 breeds of a leading insurance company. The quote is as follows – Age of the cat – 4 years old, Deductible – $250, reimbursement level – 80% and annual maximum- $5,000.

Kitten Insurance vs. Insurance for Older Cats

Suppose you are a pet owner and you are thinking of getting an insurance plan, so it is advisable that you enroll your cat as soon as possible. Your cat will start out with a clean account. There are fewer chances that your kitten will have any conditions which are pre-existing. It will mean simply that in case if your cat becomes ill in the future it will be eligible for reimbursement. Many insurers will start covering the cats when they are 8 months old. Prior to 8 months count, you will have to pay for the medical expenses of your kitten from your pocket.

You will not be eligible for pet insurance if you have a cat which is old. As the needs vary from insurer to insurer and many will stop the insurance coverage of cats when they reach a particular age. And the reason is that the big old cat can have a lot of medical costs for which the insurance company doesn’t want to take the responsibility, unless you are an insurance holder for a long time. Now, it depends on your situation and it is also better that you don’t have an insurance policy for your old cat if the cat has a history of sickness which is a condition that is existing for long.

Considerations for Adopting a Cat or Kitten

You choose to adopt a cat, then you also have to take the liability for its health and wellness, so it’s important if you think about the cost of health care and also the insurance prior to taking one for adoption. For example, stomach sickness is one of the most shared ailments which cats have and it may cost around $12000 to do the treatment with a good vet and also it depends on the seriousness and cause. And there are many Americans who cannot even cover the emergency cost of $1,000 that too without taking a loan. Financial planning and insurance plays a very pivotal role.

When adopting a cat/kitty, you can figure out the expenses and also save your dollars for your pet’s lifetime with the help of these 5 tips –

  • Check the medical history of the kitten prior to making an adoption. Ask about the breed and age of the cat, spayed or neutered, and pre-existing conditions. All of these data are essential for taking insurance. Along with which also comes is the planning care costs.
  • Learn about the temperament of the car and its history of living; get all the brass tacks about its food and other needs for its care. For example, whether it takes a certain special supplement, which may not be applicable in the insurance cover, and you will have to pay extra for them.
  • Take an appointment with the vet the moment you adopt it or bring it at home. Also, carry any kind of records of medical nature and also get along a calendar where there is mention of appointments for the future as regular check-ups can keep a cat healthy.
  • Do the comparison of the quotes from different insurance companies and find the one which meets all your requirements. All the policies will not have similar features so you got to choose one which suits your budget and preferences. For example, choosing a deductible plan will benefit you for an emergency.
  • Take the precaution of your cat’s health and happiness and also see that it doesn’t damage important items of your household. Cats are prone to scratching and biting on pieces of stuff. Also, keep away such kinds of items hidden and keep food items also at bay as it can make your kitty become sick.

Is Cat Insurance Worth It ? Pet Insurance for Cats

When your cat is young, healthy and glowing this is the right time for them to buy health insurance. If you buy early, the monthly cost of the insurance premium will be low. And as your kitty will grow with the age the monthly premiums will increase. For old cats, the insurance is not important. Many of the treatments which your kitty might need might be excluded from the insurance as a pre-existing and hereditary condition. For which you may end up paying hundreds to thousand dollars yearly for your kitty as a coverage which is minimum.

Doesn’t matter whether your kitty is young or old, taking an insurance plan will give you relief from unnecessary financial burden, especially if your bond with the kitty has become strong and you would not like to give up on your kitty for some reason. An insurance plan is the only way which will help in giving an affordable treatment to save your kitty. If you think its complicated then you should remember that even without the insurance you will have to pay the money for the treatment. So, you should always have a savings account for pet expenses in case of an emergency.

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Faq about Pet Insurance for Cat

How Important to have a Pet Insurance For Cat?

In the event you had to be an animal, do you choose the cat? If yes, you are a real fan of felines. Certainly in the talks with your environment you defend the benefits that cats bring you, right? Additionally, you will agree that cats reduce stress because of their calm nature. In actuality, there are studies that confirm that living with cats benefits the immune system and their owners have a 30% lower risk of suffering from heart disease.You, that have a cat, know that their ability to adapt to any situation makes them the ideal companion we could have. How right is the expression which says that cats have seven lives, what should? But, we well know that the reality is different, and our feline friend requires plenty of attention to accompany us for several years.

Have you ever noticed your cat compulsively scratch and even sting itself? That’s a consequence of the happy fleas. Fleas are simply 1 example of the most common problems in cats. And this type of veterinary checks you have to take from your pocket, and they’re not usually affordable.So your cat has a fantastic quality of life, and you, the peace of mind of giving it the best at a reasonable price, the most appropriate thing is that you’ve got your cheap cat insurance. With your cheap cat insurance you will have the ability to deal with everything your cat needs. There are very interesting offers that, for less than what a visit to the vet prices you, you have all the coverage included. You just need to enter our cat insurance comparator and that is it. You’ll have your cat 100% secure faster and cheaper than changing its litter box.

How to find the best veterinary insurance for cats

Some cat owners contact us and ask us to include their cat in their home insurance. It is an alternative, because your Home insurance covers damages caused by domestic animals. Now, are you worried about the damage that your cat can cause in your home? And what about your health? We realize that you love your cat and want it to stay healthy for several years, right?

If you’re among those who care about the health of your cat, the most suitable thing is that you have your insurance for veterinary expenses for cats. Your cat will have veterinary assistance whenever he needs it.

Your cat veterinary expense insurance usually covers various preventive treatments, diagnostic tests, operations, therapeutic services, etc..

In your cheap cat insurance, you will be able to consider the following guarantees, with that, you will be calm because your cat will be healthy:

  • Queries and testimonials
  • Urgent consultations
  • Quadrivalent vaccine against feline panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirosis and leukemia
  • Trivalent vaccine against panleukopenia, calcivirus and rhinotracheitis
  • Feline leukemia
  • Rage

For the cat to have all these coverage, you just have to input our cheap cat insurance comparator and you’ll see why small money your cat will be healthy for life.

For you and your cat to enjoy the best cat insurance, it’s essential that it be as complete as possible, especially with regard to covering veterinary expenses. We know that analyzing the best pet insurance for cats in detail is dull. In addition, it is extremely important that you take into account the nuances contemplated by each of the insurers. Like you, what really worries you is the health of your cat, we save you all the heavy procedures to tell you only what is your best cat insurance offer and what policy it contemplates. You just need to enter our cheap cat insurance comparator, and in the moment, our team of advisors contacts you to indicate which is your best option for cheap cat insurance. Your feline won’t stop purring with pleasure.

What does cat insurance cover?

Cat Insurance includes coverage which protects your feline’s health in any circumstance, that is the most important thing. In addition, you can face the damages that your cat may cause to third parties. And for you personally, as the owner, they provide you with peace of mind for your cat and your pocket.

The main coverage included in Pet Insurance for Cats are:

  • Civil Liability and Legal Defense Insurance
  • Coverage of veterinary expenses in the event of an accident
  • Cat theft
  • Sacrifice and / or removal of the corpse
  • Cat Remain in feline residence due to owner hospitalization


How adorable are cats and what good times do they give us, right? You just have to watch them to enjoy them. Hence, there is that boom in kitty videos that we like so much. Enjoying them is great, but it is common to ignore the health risks that your cat is exposed to.

You already know that your cat prowls in which it wants, and they are vulnerable to infections, viruses, fleas and a long etcetera. In case you have to take your cat to the vet one day, you’re already shelling out cash. Don’t you prefer to have the entire assurance of being able to take your cat to the vet whenever your cat wants it? And you forget about money and worry. Your pet insurance for cats isn’t compulsory, but being cheap policies which guarantee the health of your feline, it’s the best choice for your cat to live many years also.

There are several companies that provide pet insurance for cats. The ideal pet insurers have been in our cat insurance comparator, since we’ve been insuring felines, like yours, for over 30 years. This allows us to know in detail the top insurers for pets, the coverage they provide and, reach quite interesting agreements so you have the lowest cost for your cat insurance.

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