Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Benefits of pet insurance

Is Pet Insurance Worth It – Whenever your pet gets injured or becomes sick for them there is an option to protect the owners (i.e. you) of the pet from paying costly medical bills and that is only possible through pet insurance. A policy of the pets can cost the owners 100s and 1000s of dollars annually also giving them a relaxed mind. You can work out without insurance if you are capable enough to pay a huge sum of money from your pocket and are financially secure. And if you are unable to pay up to 1000s of dollar for the unexpected treatment of your pooch/kitty, then you should most probably think about taking an insurance policy.

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Your decision to take medical insurance for dogs or not to take the insurance plan should also be followed by these questions – i) If your pooch or kitty gets into serious emergency then how much can you spend?, ii) What is your actual budget to pay?, and iii) what is your level of tolerance for the risk? The remedy for an ear infection or stomach problem of the pooch or kitty could cost you 100s of dollars, whereas if your pooch/kitty develops a serious issue then it can cost you 1000s of dollars. For economic reasons you might be enforced to put your pooch/kitty down if you don’t have proper insurance for them.

In simple words, if you cannot manage to finance the big operation of your pooch/kitty- and also do not want the financial barriers to decide the fate of your pet- then the right choice would be to get insurance. The average cost of pet insurance is $45 on a monthly basis and for cats, it is $25- A plan with coverage that is decent. Apart from a large operation, the cost of such plans will be exceedingly less on an annual basis in most of the cases. For instance, a minor surgery of your pooch for removing a chewed piece of toy from his stomach would cost $7,000, whereas the insurance cover annually will be $300 and $600.

It may be possible that you might not benefit from an insurance premium after paying annually for years; it’s always advisable to choose insurance as an annual cost. During one policy year if your pooch/kitty is not injured or doesn’t get sick, then your pooch/kitty is protected so is your wallet. And this will apply next year.

It is pivotal to highlight that only for large expenses and expenses unexpected insurance is helpful. It is also worthwhile for the same. There are many pet insurance plans which will not cover in their plan the routine check-up of your pooch/kitty and their pre-existing conditions. For such minor treatments and examinations by the pet, you are supposed to pay from your pocket.

Reasons to get pet insurance

Pet Insurance Costs

The cost of the pet insurance will differ on the following factors –

  • Where you live?
  • What is the age of your pet?
  • What is its breed?
  • The level of coverage which you would like.

In many situations, you will finally come up with paying $25-$70 for your pooch and for your cat $10-$40. It depends on what coverage you take; it can be high or low. For instance, in exchange for a huge payout, you can choose to pay more on a monthly basis, when your pet gets a treatment which is eligible.

You should try and get the real quote from the website of the insurer if you are thinking of buying an insurance policy for your pooch/kitty. Also, do the comparison of the plans so that you can identify what suits your budget the best and the coverage level which you like. The cost of the insurance for your pooch/kitty is likely to be much high for older pooch/kitty and doesn’t seem to worth the outlays.

Pet Insurance Plans

When you decide to purchase pet insurance for your pooch/kitty, then you should try to get a policy that covers illness of your pooch/kitty as well as the accidents. The actual advantage of buying a pet insurance plan is the coverage and protection of accident and illness. Another routine check-up and preventive care are not covered under the insurance of health for pets. There can be limitations on the covered diseases, but there is also good news for the policy holders and that is – that you can now customize the insurance plans and the policy holder of the pet is permitted to select the deductible, annual/incident maximum and the level of reimbursement.

Before the insurance starts the amount of money which you have to pay is called the deductible. It will come up to $1,000 for many plans, starting from zero that too it comes with a cost that is high and deductible which is low. You can choose now partial or full reimbursement as it comes with 50% to 100% the options for reimbursement. Annual and incident maximum’s range will differ from $1,000 to $15,000. From low to high- for a higher max you will be paying more.

Lastly, you should know that the pet insurance works very exceptionally compared to that of normal health insurance. In case of human health insurance, the insurance companies will pay the fees first but in case of the pet health insurance, the owner will have to pay first from his pocket and then do the reimbursement. Many of the pet owners get thwarted during the process of reimbursement and are aw when they come to know that many health conditions of the pet are not covered under the plan. This is because they might not have read the fine print of the policy terms and conditions. This may seem to be very wrong at first but again there are some company rules that you are also supposed to follow too. So, whenever you are not confident about the coverage concept, then ensure to read over the contract and if you have any queries then get it sorted by asking questions.

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